Cyber Security Risk & Insurance Assessment Platform

Whether you are an insurance company that wants more visibility to offer cybersecurity insurance policies or a company that wants to be insured against cybersecurity risks, Rankiteo brings you a centralized solution for all these needs.

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Rankiteo for Insurance

Gain an outside-in view of your security posture so you can take preventative action.

Scoring is based on our trusted, transparent ratings methodology and data collected on millions of organizations

Rankiteo Ratings offer easy-to-read A-E ratings across ten groups of risk factors.

If you want to promote your cybersecurity level and request a discount on your insurance policy,

Rankiteo will help you share your personalized score and access your requests.

Unlike our competitors, Rankiteo also takes into account the cybersecurity history of companies to calculate the most accurate scores.

Our artificial intelligence algorithms help us categorizing cybersecurity incidents while our analysts always have the final say and can either validate or reject a report.

Rankiteo is also able to compare a company's cybersecurity posture versus the trends for a given industry type.

Data that matters to your investments

We have made an incredible mix between several revolutionary technologies to emerge our online cybersecurity platform.

In the event of a cyber attack, most cyber insurance policies will cover the first-party and third-party financial and reputational costs if data or electronic systems have been lost, damaged, stolen or corrupted.

For the business involved – the first-party — cover includes the cost of investigating a cybercrime, recovering data lost in a security breach and the restoration of computer systems, loss of income incurred by a business shutdown, reputation management, extortion payments demanded by hackers, and notification costs, in the case you are required to notify third parties affected.

Certain sectors are more vulnerable to cybercrime and will therefore require a higher level of coverage.

Know company’s performance on basis of score

The cost of cyber insurance depends upon several factors, including the business’ annual revenue, the industry it functions within, the type of data held, and the level of network security.

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About Rankiteo

Rankiteo was created to provide a reliable, easy to use, and affordable solution that allows company to assess and score climate risk changes, cybersecurity and financial risks.

We help asset management companies, insurance companies and other businesses to assess risks that were not at their primary focus.