• Climate risk management

  • Our climate risk management platform gives you a significant advantage in your decision making.

A significant advantage

Climate risk assessments identify the likelihood of future climate hazards and their potential impacts for cities and their communities. This is fundamental for informing the prioritisation of climate action and investment in adaptation. Conventional approaches to risk assessment are challenged by the significant temporal and spatial dynamics of climate change; by the amplification of risks through societal preferences and values; and through the interaction of multiple risk factors.

  • A resilient world

    Strong governance is key to including ESG considerations along the investment process in a structured and controlled way. ESG criteria can also help investors avoid companies that might pose a greater financial risk due to their environmental or other practices. A strong ESG proposition helps companies tap new markets and expand into existing ones. With Rankiteo, we give you a set of tool which will improve your ESG strategy throughout the decision-making process.

  • You can create your own portfolio

    • Choose the industries and sectors that interest you.
    • Choose the types of natural hazards
    • Choose the exact locations
  • Map all your parameters

    • Scalable

    • Accurate

    • AI

    • Hazards

  • Scalable

    Rankiteo will map all your parameters to give you a precise score for each location and an overall score for your entire portfolio. You can share your portfolio with your collaborators or decide to export it in a specific format. You can also follow the evolution of your portfolio over time, update a specific data or update your entire portfolio.

  • A constantly changing world

    As our world is constantly changing, it is sometimes difficult to understand the climate issues and the risks associated with them. Rankiteo helps you invest in a low-carbon energy future and understand how the world is changing. We are committed to using our technologies to help you manage these changes. With Rankiteo, you become a credible player and contribute to a more resilient planet.