Meet Our Team
Rankiteo was formed by a team of experts driven by a desire for innovation. We use the latest technologies available on the market and therefore spend a lot of time on continuous learning. You can contact us using [email protected]
Jeremy Canale, CEO & Enginering Manager

Our company was formed by leading experts in their respective fields such as mathematics or cybersecurity. We have done a lot of work trying to bridge the gap between different research papers.

We make a daily effort to meet all the needs of our customers and we favour open discussions to improve our services. Thank you all for your support.

  • Abhinav Chauhan Co-Founder & CTO
  • Mohamed Djoudi Co-Founder
  • Maochao Xu Co-Founder & Head of ML
  • Priyanshu Software Engineer Intern
  • Vikas Kumar Climate Product Owner
  • Srishti Gupta Cyber Product Owner
  • Abhishek Negi VP engineering
  • Harshit Kaur Cyber Analyst Manager
  • Roshni Ray Cyber Analyst
  • Anjali Yadav Cyber Analyst