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We assess worldwide Cybersecurity and Climate Change risk to make your life better.

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Subsidiaries tree: Fixed a bug. Vulnerabilities: Fixed a bug. Portfolio: Design done. Remediations adviser: Draft done. Scoring Chart: Moving from % to real value A.I: Creating auto dataset for insurance modelling after scan Read more


Cyber Scoring Platform

Rankiteo Cyber Insurance platform is set to launch on Q4 2023. This platform is a major development for the cybersecurity startup, as it will provide a comprehensive suite of cyber insurance products and services to businesses of all sizes. The platform will leverage Rankiteo's cutting-edge...Read more


Rankiteo now sponsoried by Microsoft Azure for Startup !

Rankiteo, a cybersecurity startup specializing in creating tools for cyber defense and ESG, is excited to announce its sponsorship by the Microsoft for Startups program. With this sponsorship, Rankiteo will integrate innovative technologies like ChatGPT into its pipelines and products, as well...Read more

Data that matters to your investments

Cyber Security Risk Analysis

We help you to understand your customers IT security posture to adapt, react and provide the best services. Increase your chance to gain more visibility about your customer and stay focus on your core business. Get information from the best cybersecurity sensors, Offer the best cybersecurity policy insurance !

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Climate Risk Change

Track the progress of your investments, comfort your clients and reduce the possibility of climate-related disasters impacting your business. Our real-time climate risk management platform is simple, robust and will help you to save time and money! We are tomorrow's leaders !

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Track your portfolio performance & strategy

With our portfolio sharing system, several people can collaborate together on the same project regardless if they belong to the same company or not !

Our access management will allow you to make your portfolio private or public and even add or remove user rights.

About Rankiteo

Rankiteo was created to provide a reliable, easy to use, and affordable solution that allows company to assess and score climate risk changes, cybersecurity and financial risks.

We help asset management companies, insurance companies and other businesses to assess risks that were not at their primary focus.

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Rankiteo API

Speed up your development by integrating Our APIs directly in your solutions

  • Rankiteo Climate Risk Assessment

    We provide an API to give a climate risk assessment score for any locations in the world.

GET GetDisasterTypeByDateAndStatus
Get disaster by status within a time range
GET GetDisasterTypeByDate
Get disaster by type within a time range
GET GetClimateScoreByGPS
Get Climate Score for a specific location


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Rankiteo Packages
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  • Cyber Risk Assessment Platform (Porfolio)
  • API access
  • Unlimited Portfolio
  • Unlimited Company
  • Portfolio Sharing system
  • Company Name Mapping system
  • Cyber Insurance Policy Price Forecasting system
  • Technology Detection system
  • Cybersecurity cyber incident history
  • Cybersecurity company posture timeline
  • Vulnerability mapping system
  • Darknet search engine module
  • Leak search engine module
  • Export Portfolio to PDF

Monthly Plans

  • 100 requests-$599
  • 200 requests-$899
  • 1000 requests-$4,999
starts from


per 100 requests


  • Climate Risk Assessment Platform (Porfolio)
  • API access
  • Unlimited Portfolio
  • Unlimited City Assessment
  • Activity/Industry rating system
  • Portfolio Sharing system
  • Real time Disasters maps
  • Disaster news mapping
  • Disaster Impact Details
  • Disaster Satellite Image
  • Portfolio Impact Alerting system
  • Portfolio Scoring feature
  • Portfolio Diff feature
  • Export Portfolio to PDF

Monthly Plans

  • 100 requests-$899
  • 200 requests-$1,499
  • 1000 requests-$5,999
starts from


per 100 requests


  • + Cyber Insurer Pack
  • + ESG Pack
  • 1 request can hit all products

Monthly Plans

  • 100 requests-$999
  • 150 requests-$1,299
  • 1000 requests-$6,999
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