Rankiteo has the most comprehensive data on security incidents.

Rankiteo’s Cyber Database is a proprietary relational database of information about various “Cyber risk”-related events which have or could have resulted in significant financial judgments or financial loss to corporate entities

Our dataset is used by all insurance companies to calculate cyber insurance premiums taking into account all the elements necessary to respond to customers who request them. Show More

Cyber risk” means any risk of financial or physical loss, disruption of services, privacy violation, or damage to the assets or reputation of an organization through either a failure of its information or technology systems, or a malicious act affecting their information or technology systems. While system “hacks” and data breaches get the lion’s share of publicity,

Rankiteo’s Cyber Dataset also includes such risks as:

  • Cyber Extortion
  • Data – Unintentional Disclosure
  • Data – Physically Lost or Stolen
  • Data – Malicious Breach
  • Privacy – Unauthorized Data Collection
  • Privacy – Unauthorized Contact or Disclosure
  • Identity – Fraudulent Use/Account Access
  • Industrial Controls & Operations
  • Network/Website Disruption



+90 indicators

Best global cyber insurance database

  • It includes:
  • Access to private company data
  • Access to Rankiteo scoring data
  • Access to Excel file for download
  • Support to help you with the Dataset
  • Unlimited Dataset download for 1 month (updated)


Rankiteo’s Cyber Data Feeds contain model-ready cyber data, married to current and historic company data. The intersection of loss and company data supports actuaries building sophisticated proprietary algorithms using multiple parameters, such as:

  • Case Type
  • Case Status
  • Affected Company Name
  • LinkedinId Company
  • Accident Date
  • Source of Loss
  • Attack type
  • Loss Amount
  • Company Size
  • Company Type
  • Number of Employees
  • Industry Code
  • Severity Score

With this dataset, you can train the most sophisticated and accurate machine learning models.

Rankiteo’s Cyber Dataset is constantly growing at a fast pace, and the Cyber Data Feeds will be refreshed on a daily basis and delivered in Excel.

What do we measure

We assign a score out of 100 and a degree of impact according to the following scale:

For each incident, we automatically analyze each company to assess its level of cybersecurity and then integrate the following data:

  • Technology Score
  • DNS Score
  • Subdomain Score
  • Vulnerability Score
  • Leaks Score
  • IT Standardization Score
  • IT Digital Transformation Score
  • Malware Score
  • Cyber History Score
  • Cyber Insurance Score
  • Cyber Incident Trend Score
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Cyber Policy Price
Cyber Incident Trend
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