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We’re an online only insurer and provide 24/7 access to home and motor insurance. Our customers can save time and money by accessing their policy details, amending their policy and viewing documents online anytime. If they need to make a claim, they can call our dedicated claims line day or night. We only cover careful drivers and we mostly operate online, which means we can offer our customers a much better deal.


Rankiteo calculates scores based on 13 factors that reflect different cybersecurity practices and risks.

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What do our scores mean?

We learned from nearly 12 million ratings that companies with an F are 7.7 times more likely to be impacted by a breach versus those with an A.


Maintaining a strong security program is an investment that your prospects will want to know about. Make sure your good security is posture has a presence on your website: show it off and share the news by adding a Badge from us.

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What do we measure

Cyber History
Cyber Policy Price
Cyber Incident Trend
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Unlike our competitors, Rankiteo also takes into account the cybersecurity history of companies to calculate the most accurate scores. Our artificial intelligence algorithms help us categorizing cybersecurity incidents while our analysts always have the final say and can either validate or reject a report.

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These are some of the factors we use to calculate the overall score:

Digital Transformation

We are able to get an accurate score to understand your global digital transformation posture by scanning your public endpoints.

IT Standardization

We mesure how your IT team performs and let you know if your IT investment worth it.

Endpoints Security

We help you to understand your weaknesses and how hackers could take advantage of it.